Welcome to cuberail.games - the new site for playing cube rail games online.

This is still very much in alpha. Be warned that I can't guarantee that it's bug free, and there are likely to still be significant changes. This includes a possibility that your games/users are not permanent, yet.

I've designed this game so I can playtest my new design "Emu Bay Railway Company", but I sincerely hope that more games may be added here in the future.


cuberail.games is open source (under the MIT License), with the source available on GitHub under https://github.com/lkingsford/CubeRailDotGames. Feel free to report any issues with the server there.

Each game has its own repository. The source for Emu Bay Railway Company game is on GitHub under https://github.com/lkingsford/EmuBayOnlineClient

Contributions to the server, or of games, are welcomed via Github. Documentation as to adding games will be provided soon. I require that any games added have the written consent of the game's owner (usually, the publisher or designer).